A research paper should not exceed 25 standard typed pages (1800 characters per page: 30 lines per page, 60 characters per line). Electronic mailing is the preferred mode of sending suggestions for articles and, especially, the text of articles as such.

Materials and documents for publication should be submitted in English. The Editorial Office accept also texts in Polish and Russian.

The Editor reserves the right to abridge and edit submitted texts, as well as to change their titles.

Articles, which have not been ordered, are not returned to their authors.

Manuscripts should not have been published previously. Submissions should be sent in electronic format via e-mail as Microsoft Word, Pages, OpenOffice or PDF file.

A research paper should include author information: name and surname, title, place of work, e-mail address. Academics are asked to indicate their parent school.

Submissions should include a statement that the article has not been previously published and that it has not been simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.

At the beginning of the text we give outline of contents (300-400 characters) and 3-5 keywords. None of the keywords should repeat the title of the manuscript.           

An abstract in English should not exceed 200-250 words in length. It should be a factual summary of the contents and conclusions of the paper, refer to new information that is being presented, and indicate its relevance. The abstract should not be an introduction to the paper or an outline of it with each section being reduced into a sentence.

Words and phrases of foreign origin should be italicized.

Quotations should be run into the text, between (double) quotation marks. Use single quotation marks only when it is necessary to have quotation marks within a quotation. After the quotation, cite author, year of publication, and page number(s) in parentheses.

Textual footnotes should be used only for extensions and useful information that if included in the body of the text might disrupt its continuity.

Every manuscript must include a list of references containing only those works cited. Each entry should contain the data necessary for unambiguous identification. With the author-date system, use the following format recommended by The Chicago Manual of Style:

1. Arrange citations in alphabetical order according to surname of the first author or the name of the institution responsible for the citation.

2. Use the author’s initials instead of proper names.

3. Date of publication should be placed immediately after the author’s name.

4. Titles of journals should not be abbreviated.

5. Multiple works by the same author(s) in the same year are distinguished by letters after the date.