RL tom 8 okadkaAlmost a quarter of a century had to pass after the establishment of the Lithuanistica Commission within the History Commission of the Polish Academy of Science [Komisja Lituanistyczna przy Komitecie Nauk Historycznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk] until the founding of a journal which publishes not only texts based on papers presented to the annual conferences of the Lithuanistica Commission, but also those documenting the activity of the international community of scholars of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

For many years the Commission did not publish the papers presented at its conferences. However, the presence during the sessions of editors of important academic journals facilitated the publication of at least some of the papers. A turning point occurred at the instigation of Urszula Augustyniak, whose determination – and editing – led to the publication of three volumes: The Cultural and Creative Milieu and the Cultural Contacts of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the 15th to the 19th Century (2009), Praxis in the Public Life of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 16th to 18th Centuries (2010) and Tradition – Methods of Transmission and Forms of Remembrance in the Polish-Lithuanian State between the 15th and the Mid-19th Century (2011). Now, following the spirit of the times, the Commission is inaugurating the electronic and printed publication of Rocznik Lituanistyczny [The Lithuanistica Annual].

This journal will publish works of scholars who research various aspects of the past of historical Lithuania: historians in the stricter sense, philologists, historians of literature, heraldry, and art and law, as well as archaeologists and musicologists. These works will include not only full-scale articles, but also various shorter works and materials, review articles, reviews, review notes and materials serving to chronicle academic life.

PL ISSN 2450-8446
e-ISSN 2450-8454